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Belarus is closed for the Ukrainian human rights activists: second episode

On 20th of April Marina Tsapok – human rights activist from Ukraine was detained while crossing the border.

She was going to Minsk to be the information assistant in the International observation mission in Minsk. She was taken off the train from Kyiv at the Belarusian frontier post “Teryukha”. Marina as well as other foreign human rights defenders Andrey Yurov and Maxim Kitsyuk found out to be included into the "black list" of foreign nationals  prohibited to enter the Republic of Belarus.

International Observation Mission about tragic events in Minsk on April 11

Yesterday on April 11, 2011 a bomb exploded in Minsk at Oktyabrskaya subway station, resulting in more than 10 killed and over 100 wounded.
International Observation Mission brings its sincere condolences to victims’ families and all those injured.

News of Belarus

Statement of the representatives of civil ociety organizations in Belarus on the threat of significant limitations on Human Rights in legislation

We, the representatives of civil society organizations in Belarus, believe that legislative acts that are now being considered and adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus, have a clearly anti-legal nature, are aimed at the excessive restriction of the rights and freedoms of citizens, impede normal social dialogue and incite confrontation in Belarus.

Appeal to investors and donor states upon the minimum conditions of investment and financial assistance to Belarus

Acting on behalf of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, which brings together representatives of human rights organizations from the OSCE participating states, as well as international civil society networks and organizations;
carrying out since December 27th, 2010 the permanent monitoring of the general observance observance of fundamental human rights in Belarus, focusing primarily on the situation of human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers;

Appeal on detention conditions and health status of political prisoners in Belarus

To the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus
Mr. Alexander Konyukov

To the Head of the Department of Execution of Punishments of
the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Mr. Alexander Barsukov

To the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus
Mr. Anatoly Kuleshov