PACE Bureau expresses consternation at Bialatski sentence in Belarus

Press release - AP117(2011)

Strasbourg, 24.11.2011 – The Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), meeting today in Edinburgh, expressed its consternation at the harsh sentence handed down today on Belarusian human rights defender Ales Bialatski by the Pervomaiski District Court of Minsk. Mr Bialatski was sentenced to four and a half years’ imprisonment under a strict regime, confiscation of property and a fine for “concealment of profits on an especially large scale in pursuance of prior agreements” under Article 243, paragraph 2, of the Criminal Code.

The Bureau considers that this latest sentence on the basis of falsely constructed and politically motivated charges epitomises the continuing systematic crackdown by the authorities in Minsk on members of the opposition, independent media, civil society activists and human rights defenders in Belarus. Such action is unacceptable and intolerable, and confirms a worrying trend that the authorities in Minsk are deliberately turning their back on Europe and the values it upholds.

The Bureau demands that the authorities in Minsk release all political prisoners, including Mr Bialatski, and guarantee human rights and political freedoms.

The Bureau recalls that Mr Bialatski was invited for an exchange of views on the situation in Belarus by the Political Affairs Committee during the 2011 April part-session and that the Assembly will further debate the situation in Belarus during its January 2012 part-session.

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News of Belarus

Tough sentences announced to Brest antifascists

A verdict was delivered today in the case of Brest antifascists acused of participation in a group fight with neonazis which happened on May 8, 2013.

Antifascists were tried under the art. 339.3 (malicious group hooliganism) and 147.2 (malicious bodily harm). The case was qualified as malicious due to the fact of pepper spray usage in the fight.

Dzmitry Stsyashenka got 5 years of penal colony with reinforced regime (339.3) and 500 euro of damages to be paid to the injured nazis.

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An arms embargo against the former Soviet republic would remain. But in an overture to the man the West calls Europe's "last dictator", diplomats are looking at suspending visa bans and asset freezes on most of around 200 people under sanctions for rights abuses, some since disputed elections in 2004.